Obvious first post.

Thanks for coming! This will be quick and painless (you hope). I started this blog after trying a previous one and failing. I’m pulling no punches on this one. This is my place for those thoughts to come out somewhere that they feel comfortable. I get angry, introspective, existential, self destructive, and down right dirty in my head and this will serve as a drawing board. Hope you all enjoy.


Here’s some cool new stuff!

A few pictures from different points so far in 2018. We’ve obviously been hard at work on some costumes and photoshoots. In order we have Pretty Purge, Bombshell Robin, and our Persona 5 trio (Ann, Makoto, and Haru). I only picked out a few for this post to show them off. Let me know what you think!

Also, everything worn but the Pretty Purge outfits were hand made by us! (The robin belt too to be technical ;p)

Undercover ducky

He’s slowly coming after me. Like a waterfowl ninja of utter doom.

Quack quack. Quack quack.

He’s got a plan and I might not make it through the night.

Rubber ducky you’re the one! You made bath time a bloody horror show. Thanks a lot rubber ducky.  Thanks a lot.

Today Was Okay.

Just got off work. What a damn day. It could have been by far worse but it still irked me sideways. I slapped on some headphones and listened to some Protest The Hero on the way home. It helped. Until I stepped into the house. So many moments I know I have an attitude because of outside stuff and I wish I was allowed to. I’m not taking it out on anyone by talking about things and requesting to mellow out or decompress. So many further moments in which this decompression plan is foiled by the demands of others or their interpretation of how it should be handled. Even as we speak I’m hindered from even typing this out. I switched to Metallica (Ride The Lightning to be specific). There are at least 20 other things that I feel like are expected of me and writing this blog is not one of them. Hey Hermione! Can I borrow your time turner? It’s not for classes it’s for life. Every day life. Work for 11 hours a day, come home, make dinner and hopefully eat it, laundry, readying for tomorrow, cleaning, bath time, sleep. Repeat and try to stay sane with little time for myself. Now don’t get me wrong this life is better than most options or other people’s existence. I’m not ungrateful but living with mental illness and having close to no reprieve unless you have to force it, gets hard to do. You can’t have a bad day when your a mom, a fiance, an employee, a co-worker, a friend, a clone, a repeat of the past. On and on, time immemorial. This body will be rotting in the ground and it will spin on like a record on repeat. I’m not okay and that’s okay. I probably won’t ever be 100% okay. I don’t think I was born to be okay. Somethings gotta give and that something is me. Even now I’m giving. I’ve had a WordPress blog before but I disliked the memories behind it and this suits me so much better. Maybe it will get more attention on those moments when I embrace my selfishness. Out with the old and in with the new I suppose. Thanks for reading if you got this far, I will see you again.